RaceNet GRID2 Companion

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Розробник: The Codemasters Software Company Limited

Stay connected to GRID 2™, the latest blockbuster racing game from Codemasters® Racing, with the official Codemasters RaceNet™ app.

Check out your stats and track your performance wherever you are as RaceNet, Codemasters’ free online community hub, extends GRID 2’s multiplayer modes with new Challenges and Rivals every week! To use this app and enjoy all its features you will need a Codemasters RaceNet account and have played GRID 2 on console or PC. Features include:

Take on Rivals in-game then use the RaceNet app to check out your latest updates, change Custom Rival settings and send and accept Social Rival requests.

Set personal bests in GRID 2’s Global Challenge Events, then use the RaceNet app to compare your progress to friends and the community on leaderboards.

Earn Followers for your GRID 2 multiplayer activity in-game and use the RaceNet app to see if you’re winning or losing fans against your Rivals.

Check out your progress in completing GRID 2 RaceNet Objectives and see how close you are to unlocking Follower boosts with the RaceNet app.

For more information on RaceNet visit www.racenet.com.